Joint children’s birthday parties – double the fun or double trouble?

  A significant amount of the parties I do are joint children’s birthday parties where 2 families have joined forces to organise a great party for their children.  This can be a great way for families to save money (literally halve the costs) but still throw a big party for their children and also ease the work load for both sides.  However there are a number of things you need… Read More

Making the most of Lego

Lego ideas for children

We love Lego at Act One Adventures.  My son has always played with it from an early age and I have used it at Adventure sessions for under 5’s and at our Adventure Children’s parties too.  You may think of Lego as a solitary activity but there are many ways in which you can play with your children or get a group of children playing together at a play date… Read More

Our favourite Family Museums in the South of England

Family museums in South of England

Our favourite Family Museums in the South of England As the weather has turned decidedly chilly this week you may well be looking for some indoor ideas to do with your little ones and the family. We have visited some great museums in London and the South of England geared up for kids and families and here are some of our favourites. 1) Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey This is a museum… Read More

The art of children’s party planning – The Apprentice

Children's party planning

I’m a bit of an Apprentice fan so my interest was certainly piqued when I heard this weeks episode would be all about children’s party planning.  It is a job that on the outside can look very simple, just muck around with the kids, stick a few balloons up, sort some food and voila – children’s party heaven.  But as the candidates discovered there is a bit more to it… Read More

Finding the perfect venues for children’s parties

Venues for children parties

There comes a point in most parents lives that a child’s birthday party at home no longer becomes an option. Space is the main problem, but also for some the idea of several children trampling through your home can drive fear into even the most easygoing of parent’s hearts.So you need to hire a venue. Here are my tips to finding a perfect venue for your child’s birthday party.Venue finding… Read More

Halloween stories for pre school children

Halloween Stories for pre school children

  Halloween is such a popular time of year in the UK now and the pre school children I work with love it.  It can be great to share stories with your little ones at this time of year, especially as the nights draw in.  Here are some of my favourite Halloween stories for pre school children with some great extension activities too. 1) Meg & Mog by Helen Nicoll… Read More

Fun activities to develop fine and gross motor skills – essential for writing

Activities for fine and gross motor skills

  This weeks’ blog came about because of a discussion between 2 parents in our classes today. Their eldest children have just started school and they were talking about some of the ways the school were suggesting to help the children get started with writing. The exercises they were talking about are basically stuff we do at our Active and Arty Adventure classes for toddlers every week. My classes are… Read More

Outdoor Adventures with a bear called Binky

  In the summer we had a lovely opportunity to collaborate with another small business.  I first heard of Binky Bear whilst joining in with a networking hour on Twitter.  Binky Bear is a real teddy bear who has had a series of books written about him.  In each book he goes on an adventure (there is one set in Alresford, Hampshire one in Winchester and one in London).  There… Read More

5 things you don’t need at a birthday party

Money saving tips birthday party

It’s your child’s birthday.  You are wanting to throw a great party but obviously you have a budget.  Wouldn’t it be great to know the things that you don’t need to worry about buying?  Well never fear, here at Act One Adventures we have literally attended over a thousand birthday parties and we know the things that are really not needed, don’t work or can just cause you hassle and… Read More

It’s been a funny old week! Musings of a working mum

Being a working Mum I am used to life being a fine juggling act.  I just about manage to keep all the balls in the air most weeks but it can just take one curve ball to send them all crashing down.  I won’t lie, this week has been a challenge.  It was the first week of term at Act One Adventures classes, always a busy time making sure that… Read More