What age should my child start school?

What age should my child start school?

You may have heard in the news this week that Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, has suggested that rules that mean children must start school the September after their fourth birthday are flawed and must change (you can read more about this here).  Ever since my son was little it has always surprised me that children who are barely 4 start school the same time as some who have already turned… Read More

Classes for toddlers. As much fun for the parents?

When your child is a toddler it goes with the territory that you will spend a lot of time at groups and classes.  This can be great fun and of course we are mainly doing it for our child’s benefit, but of course it is nice if we as parents enjoy and feel some benefit too.  At my Active and Arty Adventures I know that the parents have as much… Read More

Are we there yet? Travel games for Toddlers

Travel games for toddlers

  We have had a busy summer at Act One Adventures and I am looking forward to a well earned holiday.  With the Bank Holiday coming up I’m sure a lot of you will be off travelling over the next week or so and while this can be exciting for little ones, boredom can also set in very quickly.  So here are some of my favourite travel games for toddlers.… Read More

Your child has a dummy!

David Beckham and pacifiers

David Beckham created quite an online storm yesterday.  Had he signed a new football or modelling deal? No. Was he at some big charity function? No.  David Beckham and Pacifiers? Yes! His 4 year old daughter was spotted with a dummy yesterday and you’d think the world was ending. (You can see the original article here – warning! It’s the Daily Mail) Seriously – who cares! Well apparently a lot of… Read More

My child won’t join in!

Toddler classes in Surrey

  So you’ve done your research, you’ve made your enquiries and you have found what looks like the perfect class to take your little one along to.  You get there, the teacher is nice, the other parents and children are lovely, the content of the class is stimulating but fun – it couldn’t be more perfect for you and your child’s needs.  But there’s one problem.  Your child flatly refuses… Read More

Great Toddler Life Hack you need to know!

Toddler life hack

Do you find that your toddler can get through activities at a rate of knots? Do you long to find an activity that will keep them occupied for more than a few minutes at a time?  Well here at Act One Adventures we have found an activity that regularly keeps toddlers focused for at least 10 minutes and often much longer.  It is an activity we regularly use at our… Read More

A Blooming Marvellous morning – Arts & Crafts in the park

Arts & crafts in the park Farnham

I love doing arts and crafts outside, so when I got asked to take part in Farnham in Bloom and run a craft workshop in the park at Gostrey Meadows, Farnham I jumped at the chance. This year Farnham in Bloom have a dance performance involving many local Farnham schools which will take place as the judges go round visiting the various floral displays on Friday. Yesterday was the dress… Read More

Children’s parties – why less is more

Childrens parties

Imagine you’ve booked tickets to see your favourite show.  You’ve paid a lot of money, have settled down in your seat and the show starts.  It’s great, you’re enjoying it and totally immersed in all the action.  Then in walks a brass band and stands in the aisle playing with gusto. You struggle to hear what is happening on stage and it makes it hard to focus.  Then on the… Read More

Sugar and your kids – how to have a birthday party without toothache

sugar kids birthday party

Sugar and your kids – how to have a birthday party without toothache How much sugar do your kids normally consume? How much more do they consume at the average birthday party? I’m going to hazard a guess a lot more at the latter! And you know what? That’s ok. Wouldn’t life be boring without treats that might not be good for us but, just occasionally won’t hurt. Most adults… Read More

Getting Ready for School

Getting ready for school

So everyone knows their school places now and I expect you may have even started getting some bits of uniform sorted for the start of term in September.  But what ways can we help our children in getting ready for school?  How can we make it an easy transition for them and a stress free one for us? I have never spoken to a teacher that expects any of the… Read More