Being a Working mumBeing a working Mum I am used to life being a fine juggling act.  I just about manage to keep all the balls in the air most weeks but it can just take one curve ball to send them all crashing down.  I won’t lie, this week has been a challenge.  It was the first week of term at Act One Adventures classes, always a busy time making sure that new trials know where and when to go, trying to give the best class you can whilst keeping on top of all the home and school commitments for my son.  Monday was spent prepping and getting everything ready for classes and then Tuesday we had our first classes back.  It was lovely to see how all my regulars had grown and developed over the summer and great to see new ones starting, shy at first but then gradually joining in and enjoying themselves.

But there was a niggle.  In my son’s class 4 children had been off school on the Monday with a cold virus and Tuesday morning as I dropped him off at school he was complaining of a sniffle.  School promised to contact me if he wasn’t feeling well and with no phone call and a chipper boy collected that afternoon I felt relieved that perhaps he had missed the virus.  He is a healthy boy who rarely has a day off sick (I can count on one hand the sicks days he has had since starting school and he is now in Year 4).

So of course the inevitable happened, he woke up with a streaming nose Wednesday morning and a day off was obviously needed.  In this situation what option do you have as a working mum?  It would be unfair to send him to school and to send him to a friend and when my big 9 year old boy who is never ill, turns to me and says “I want to stay home with you Mummy” then really the decision is made for you.

So I contacted as best I could everyone who was booked on to classes and hubby was dispatched on way to work to put a sign on the venue just in case and I stayed home.  We had cuddles and watched a bit of TV but really all he needed to know was that I was around.

Now of course some would say I have the ideal job and customer to do this.  Most of my clients are obviously mums with small children and so of course understand the demands and dilemmas of parenting. But I hate cancelling anything, especially at the start of a new term when there are lots of new people coming along who don’t know me and know that a cancellation is a very rare thing ( I would never cancel a party in this way for instance and always have backup childcare for those situations).  It warmed my heart to get emails and texts from existing and new clients wishing my son better and sympathising with my predicament.

Fortunately this was just a 24 hour thing.  My son was back at school the next day, happy and healthy and me back at my Farnham classes, but even in a job that is so family orientated it is so hard to make that call between work and family.  In the end of course family will always win and I am lucky that I have such lovely clients, some of which almost feel like family now as they have been attending so long.

Here’s to healthy rest of term and take 2 for my Guildford classes next week.