Activities for Toddlers in Hampshire


In the summer we had a lovely opportunity to collaborate with another small business.  I first heard of Binky Bear whilst joining in with a networking hour on Twitter.  Binky Bear is a real teddy bear who has had a series of books written about him.  In each book he goes on an adventure (there is one set in Alresford, Hampshire one in Winchester and one in London).  There is always adventure along the way and Binky discovers lots about the local surroundings and all the people and creatures that live there.

This concept immediately caught my interest and I contacted Liz who created Binky to see if there could be a way of us working together. She was enthusiastic about the idea too so we organised our first Binky Bear Outdoor Adventure in the summer.  Following the story of Binky’s Big Adventure set in Alresford, Hampshire, we had the opportunity of exploring the market town and working Watercress Line – a real steam engine railway, the nearby watercress beds and riverside.  The children were able to spot lots of creatures too including ducks, swans and dogs.

As well as following the story we also made a craft.  As the trail passes by a river famous for the trout that live there, we made fishing rods out of sticks the children had collected along the way and then added pipe cleaners and feathers to make them very colourful.  We also had a great sing song and read the story at various stops along the way. Even Binky Bear himself made an appearance halfway through!

It was a truly lovely morning, great exercise, lots to see and do and a cuddle with a teddy bear too.  As our first adventure was so popular we have planned another one on Monday 5th October 10 – 11.30am meeting at Alresford Station.  It is great for all children and toddlers aged 1-5years with a grown up who like Teddy Bears and have a sense of adventure.  We would love to see you there so do book your space here.

To find out more about Binky Bear and his adventures visit his website.