When you think BDSM, you immediately think – it’s not me, this is one perverted thing here. But, in reality, BDSM is being practiced by lots and lots of couples all over the world. And it doesn’t matter whether you are watching lots of porn or identify as a BDSM freak. Normies like this play too.

Why do people love BDSM?

First, it’s about losing or gaining full control over somebody’s body. There’s a great number of brand new pornstars in BDSM who will help you understand whether you want to be a dominating or submissive partner. Or, maybe, even a switch.

Second, it’s just fun and novel. Sex can turn into a mundane to-do thing pretty fast. Unless you take a conscious effort in order to reinvigorate your love or lust. Together, with your sweetheart. Not alone with your hand.

Third, it’s just great visuals. Cajole your gf slowly in trying out those amazing black latex dominatrix outfits. Gift her a whip and a paddle.

Both of you will love it a lot. Be a bad boy and spanked. Be a dominating partner and fuck the living soul of that piece of meat in front of you.

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